Top Reasons Not to Skip Dental CleaningsTop Reasons Not to Skip Dental Cleanings

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Top Reasons Not to Skip Dental Cleanings

Dental cleaning is something that we all skip from time to time. I think that the reason we skip the procedure is because we really don't understand how important it is. We think that because we spend time caring for our teeth each day, and get through the examination with out any problems that we can skip a cleaning and suffer no repercussions. Having been diagnosed with oral cancer that could have been caught earlier for a better outcome, I have learned just how important dental cleanings are. Learning why something seemingly unimportant is crucial to your overall health may help you reconsider skipping your next cleaning. This site will help you learn why dental cleanings are so important, by teaching you what your dentist looks for during the examination.


How To Know If It's Time To Call For An Emergency Dental Appointment

It is very important for you to make sure that you are keeping up with your dental health as much as possible. To do this, you will want to make sure that you are well aware of the signs that it is time for you to make an emergency appointment with your trusted dentist. This way, any problems can be quickly solved before they get out of hand. Here are some of the signs that should tell you that it is time to schedule that appointment.

You Feel A Throbbing Sensation

Whether this is something that you are feeling within a tooth or along your gum line, you will need to bring it to the attention of a skilled dentist as soon as possible. This is because that throbbing pain can be a sign of an infection. Since an infection needs to be medically treated and will not go away on its own, you need to be seen as soon as possible. The longer the infection is left alone, the more likely it is that it is going to get much worse and spread throughout your mouth even further. It could get so bad that the infection could end up in your blood, which can be deadly if it is not caught early enough.

You Can't Eat Properly Anymore

If you are starting to find that you are not able to eat properly anymore, you will want to seek out treatment from an experienced dentist. Whether you are having trouble eating anything at all, or you are stuck chewing on only one side of your mouth, you will need treatment. The tooth could be infected, and if it isn't, it could become infected. Your dentist will be able to examine the tooth and have some x-rays taken to determine the health of the tooth. If it can be saved, the dentist may be able to put a filling in it or do a root canal and place a dental cap over the top of the tooth.

Your Teeth Are Crumbling

If it seems that there isn't a long amount of time that goes by before you have another tooth chip, crack, or crumble, you will want to seek immediate dental assistance. Your dentist may find that the best thing for you to do is to have all of your teeth extracted so you can receive dentures. If the teeth can be saved, your dentist can explain what procedures they can perform in order to do that.

Make sure that you are making it clear to the receptionist that answers your call that you need an emergency appointment. Explain the problems that you are having, so they know that you need much more than just the standard checkup. For more information, check out a website like