Top Reasons Not to Skip Dental CleaningsTop Reasons Not to Skip Dental Cleanings

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Top Reasons Not to Skip Dental Cleanings

Dental cleaning is something that we all skip from time to time. I think that the reason we skip the procedure is because we really don't understand how important it is. We think that because we spend time caring for our teeth each day, and get through the examination with out any problems that we can skip a cleaning and suffer no repercussions. Having been diagnosed with oral cancer that could have been caught earlier for a better outcome, I have learned just how important dental cleanings are. Learning why something seemingly unimportant is crucial to your overall health may help you reconsider skipping your next cleaning. This site will help you learn why dental cleanings are so important, by teaching you what your dentist looks for during the examination.


Ranking The Most Real-Feeling Teeth Replacements

Getting a tooth replacement shouldn't leave you with the feeling that your teeth are artificial. Ideally, you should forget that you even got replacements. If you want the most realistic-feeling one out there, then take a look at this list that looks at the top three most common tooth replacement methods that can have a realistic feeling.


Dentures are a time-honored tradition, but they're not the most realistic-feeling solution. This is because they can be removed at night and sometimes slip and move around when you're chewing. In addition, dentures sit on top of the gums, which feels pretty different from having a natural tooth that is set deep into your gums and jaw bone.

Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are more permanent than dentures, which puts them up a step over dentures. They can't be removed at home and, in fact, shouldn't be removed.

While dental bridges also sit on top of the gums in the same way that dentures do, they're very secure. You won't feel one wiggling or moving around, and it won't fall out on its own. However, at the end of the day, it still sits on top of your gums instead of sitting inside of them as natural teeth would.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most realistic-feeling and looking method of teeth replacement out there.

The reason why dental implants are the best is because of how they're supported. Dental implants don't sit on top of the gums like everything else on this list does. Instead, only the crown is exposed to the outside world and the rest of it is under the gums. Dental implants have a titanium implant at the base that goes down into the gums and is supported by your jawbones. This not only makes them incredibly secure, but it contributes to a feeling of "realness" when you chew, as you can feel the pressure travel through your gums and bones in the same way that a real tooth would transfer pressure during eating.

Dental implants are a long-lasting, affordable solution for getting missing teeth replaced. If you're tired of seeing gaps in your smile when you look in the mirror, consider getting dental implants to replace your missing teeth. You'll likely forget that you ever needed a tooth replacement in the future, as your implants will feel and look so real that they'll blend in with your surrounding teeth seamlessly.