Top Reasons Not to Skip Dental CleaningsTop Reasons Not to Skip Dental Cleanings

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Top Reasons Not to Skip Dental Cleanings

Dental cleaning is something that we all skip from time to time. I think that the reason we skip the procedure is because we really don't understand how important it is. We think that because we spend time caring for our teeth each day, and get through the examination with out any problems that we can skip a cleaning and suffer no repercussions. Having been diagnosed with oral cancer that could have been caught earlier for a better outcome, I have learned just how important dental cleanings are. Learning why something seemingly unimportant is crucial to your overall health may help you reconsider skipping your next cleaning. This site will help you learn why dental cleanings are so important, by teaching you what your dentist looks for during the examination.


Could Emerging Wisdom Teeth Be The Cause Of Your Young Child’s Headaches?

When your child is in pain and you are unable to find the cause, it can be extremely frustrating. Recurring headaches in children can stem from a variety of sources, such as eyestrain, recurrent sinus infections, and even stress. However, there is one commonly overlooked cause that may surprise you--wisdom teeth. When you think of wisdom teeth, you may remember having them removed as a young adult or older teenager. But did you know that it's possible for children's wisdom teeth to start developing several years earlier? Read More 

Got Implants? 3 Signs You Should See Your Implant Dentist Right Away

One or more dental implants can make a huge difference in your life. With your implants, you can enjoy a beautiful smile without having to wear dentures prematurely. However, even though implants can be a wonderful thing and can last for many years, they can become damaged when you aren't expecting it. Luckily, seeing a dentist can help you remedy the problem. These are a few signs that you should see your implant dentist right away so that you can have your dental implant issues fixed. Read More 

Eliminate False Tooth Annoyances With Dental Implants

If you are missing a few teeth, or even several, you have most likely contemplated having some type of replacement in the open areas in your mouth. There are several reason why getting dental implants is beneficial to the overall upkeep of your new smile. When trying to decide between dentures or other removable teeth and implants, consider the following points. No Pain To Deal With Other than pain you may feel after your surgical procedure is over, you will not deal with pain in your mouth at all. Read More 

How Gum Disease Can Lead To Heart Problems

Gum disease is not something that happens overnight, but once you have it you must get it treated if you want to save your teeth. Gum disease can leave you with bleeding, sore gums and can cause you to lose teeth, but gum disease does not just harm your mouth. If you have gum disease, it may put you at a higher risk for developing other health issues, including problems with your heart. Read More 

Three Extra Steps To Help Your Teeth Stay Healthier

Your teeth are so important to your overall health and well-being. You want to put all you can into caring for them so you can keep them as healthy as possible for the duration of your life. While most people tend to care for their teeth, you want to be someone that takes oral care to a whole other level so you know you are doing your best to ensure their long-lasting health. Read More