Top Reasons Not to Skip Dental CleaningsTop Reasons Not to Skip Dental Cleanings

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Top Reasons Not to Skip Dental Cleanings

Dental cleaning is something that we all skip from time to time. I think that the reason we skip the procedure is because we really don't understand how important it is. We think that because we spend time caring for our teeth each day, and get through the examination with out any problems that we can skip a cleaning and suffer no repercussions. Having been diagnosed with oral cancer that could have been caught earlier for a better outcome, I have learned just how important dental cleanings are. Learning why something seemingly unimportant is crucial to your overall health may help you reconsider skipping your next cleaning. This site will help you learn why dental cleanings are so important, by teaching you what your dentist looks for during the examination.


2 Great Options For Whitening Your Teeth

If you want to whiten your teeth, then visiting your dentist is the first step in the process. There are many methods of whitening to choose from, but some of them are not safe and do not last, especially if they are home remedies. Here are 2 great professional dental whitening options that you can choose from.

Dental Trays

First, dental trays are perfect if you want to whiten your teeth one shade, two shades, or even several shades. This is also a good option if you do not have tough stains on your teeth that need to be removed first.

When you get dental trays, you will go to your dentist so that a mold of your teeth can be made. The mold will then be sent to a lab where the flexible trays will be formed for your teeth.

When the dentist received the molds, he or she will fit them on your teeth to make sure that they fit properly. The trays be perfectly formed to your teeth if the molds were done right, which means that the trays should not feel tight or too loose.

Next, the dentist will give you some bleaching gel options. He or she can decide what strength of gel you need according to your teeth color, teeth sensitivity, and the level of whiteness you are trying to achieve. If you need to whiten your teeth quickly for an event, then it is possible to go up a strength level in the gel so that you can get the right color.

When you use the trays, just make sure that you do not bleach every single day because this can make your gums hurt and bleed. Also, wear the trays when you are not going to eat or talk as this can make the gel come out of the trays in the process.

Laser Whitening

Your other professional whitening option is laser whitening. This can only be done in the dental office, and it should be performed by your dentist. The process can take a couple of hours, but this depends on how much whitening needs to occur and whether or not you have stains.

Also, laser whitening is more expensive than dental trays, but the results are more permanent. With trays you may need to whiten on occasion as your teeth start to lose their whiteness. With the laser, your teeth should stay pearly white as long as you do not stain them with coffee, wine, and tobacco. 

You should only need one appointment to whiten your teeth, and the process is virtually painless. 

Either of these options can provide you with the beautifully white teeth you have been seeking, so talk to your dentist at places like Kokkirala Rajeshwer to find out which method will work best for you.